I design software with and for people. Currently I am studying Human-computer interaction and working on a project aiming to improve the availability of urban shared bikes at Uni Hamburg. Recently, I was working at KIWI.KI for about three years , which I spent engineering python services and as the progenitor of KIWI.KI's JavaScript web platform KIWI Lite and KIWI Mobile.

I'm interested in progressive technology, process optimization and human-centered design. I backpacked throughout Europe and visited other places on our diverse planet.


Mila and I initiated a project to improve the availability of shared bikes in Hamburg, Germany. We pitched our idea and achieved a funding from the Data Literacy Lab of the University Hamburg. Here I write a monthly article with updates about the progress of our project and our studies of artificial intelligence.


I published my data-review of 3.5 million shared bike trips in Hamburg. Read more
We got awarded with the 2nd place in Innovation with Project Available-Citybikes on the HHack+Ride hackathon.
We analysed the availability of the local urban shared bikes as preparation for our upcoming research. Read more
We received a funding of 10.000€ for Available-Citybikes. Read more
Mila and I initiated Available-Citybikes a project aiming to improve the availability of urban shared bikes.
Worked 5 months for a Startup in the Prop-Tech field
Started my Human-computer interaction studies at University Hamburg
Hotspot or not? reached 200k unique visitors and 330k conversions in 30 days
The german Federal Ministry of Health recommends Hotspot or not? on zusammengegencorona.de
Released Hotspot or not? - The web service for the Covid-19 measures at your location
KIWI Lite is released, featuring a full PWA stack.
Attending EuroIA in Dublin, Ireland.