Sebastian Rühmann

Sebastian Rühmann

Computer Science
Universität Hamburg


First Chapter

Project Available-Citybikes: Concept and Funding

I am a power-user of shared bikes since a long time. A recent moment let me discover a systematical problem, reconsider my habit and ultimately gave me the idea how to solve it. In this first article I write about my motivation and give you an outlook what we are going to work on in our project at the University Hamburg, DDitLab. Read more

Second Chapter

Project Available-Citybikes: How to make Bike-Sharing work in the 21st century?

In this chapter I showcase how Norway progressively utilizes technology to make Bike-sharing work in the 21st century and what we can learn from it. Additionally we progressed in our understanding of the systematical availability problem and want to share our current state of research. Read more